IPAs were essentially created as the result of British soldier’s craving for beer while in India. However, the beer coming from England did not survive the six-month sea voyage to India from and would often spoil before even arriving at their destinations. To combat this, British brewers began adding extra hops and alcohol to their beer as a way to extend its shelf-life. Hops, along with the extra alcohol helped preserve the beer. The result was a stronger, more bitter ale that could survive the long journey to India and beyond.

Both the Pilsner and IPA styles of beer originate from Europe, although they have quite different backstories. The first IPAs were brewed towards the end of the 1700s while the Czech Pilsners beers debuted in the mid-1800s.

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  • IPA is known as “Indian Pale Ale” although actually originated in the UK (although better known for their American varieties - the U.S. practically adopted this ale as it has it has witnesses overwhelming growth in the U.S. craft beer scene
    • Interestingly enough, India Pale Ales were never brewed in India and only became known as IPAs when returning colonialists from India started demanding the hoppy beers they had previously drunk in India.