World of Whiskies are proud to offer a hidden gem from the year of the Velvet
Hammer Head Single Malt whisky from the Czech Republic 
Imagine 1989, over 20 years ago, just before the Berlin Wall was torn down and Eastern
Europe as we knew it changed forever. It was a year of change, a year of revolution and
the year of a very special whisky. 
The Pradlo Distillery in western Czechoslovakia had been producing high quality pot-still
spirits for many years. Still operating as a nationalized company in the 1980's, the
distillery began a project to create a single malt whisky of unparalleled quality. 
With great effort, the Pradlo distillery was able to acquire and install a traditional cast
iron hammer mill. Built in 1928, the mill was the same style and was made similar to
those found in most traditional Scottish distilleries at the time. 
To create the whisky, the distillery selected only Czech barley and the pure water from
the Bohemia region. The whisky was aged in unique oak casks made of 100% Czech oak
wood, producing a single malt whisky unique to the world. 
In late 1989, the wall fell and the whisky was forgotten, left to sleep in the cellars in its
unique casks for 20 years. Although the whisky was forgotten, the condition of the cellars
maintained themselves and that was why the true quality of the whisky is unique.
Named after the noisy mill, Hammer Head Single Malt Whisky was made available at the
World of Whiskies. Limited in volume, this once-in-a lifetime find will never be
reproduced or rediscovered.

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