What is Dry-aged Beef?
 Dry-aged beef refers to beef that has undergone a special process of aging which naturally tenderizes and enhances the sweetness and natural flavors of the meat. The process of dry-aging can range from one month to as long as one year. As such, dry- aged beef will develop distinctive flavors depending on how long the meat has been aged.  Regardless of the duration, beef is aged without protective packaging in a highly controlled environment where both the temperature and humidity are regulated. During the aging process, moisture from the meat continually evaporates and the resulting slab of beef can lose 15 to 30 percent of its original volume. At the same time, natural ezymes break down connective tissues in the muscle, allowing the meat to become more tender over time. As the beef is aged, the outer layer dries out and hardens, creating a protective coating for the meat inside. To prep the meat for cooking, this outer layer will be carefully
trimmed and discarded so that the resulting steak is the best part of the dry-aged beef. This prime cut is the ultimate product of the dry-aging process that we are proud to serve our customers.
Dry-aging Beef at Hoa Vien
At Hoa Vien, we have invested in the one of the most advanced dry-aging systems in the world, designed and manufactured in Germany by Dry Ager.
Large cuts of the beef—known as primals or sub-primals—are hung inside this specialized refrigeration unit where they are preserved  in a strictly controlled environment. Since the meat is fully exposed, optimal air quality is of utmost importance for the dry-aging process. Our Dry Ager chamber is equipped with proprietary air- purifying technology that supplies continuous sterilized airflow while eliminates harmful bacteria. An intelligent built-in control system also ensures ideal microclimate at all times and encourages the development of mold that are beneficial to the aging process.
The glass exterior of the unit allows for full display of the beef sections undergoing this aging process and patrons at Hoa Vien can directly select their piece of choice for dining. Final preparation is carried out by searing the steak using a state-of-the-art charcoal grill system imported from Europe.
Dry-aging is a time-tested technique that results in beef with exceptional taste and texture. Dry-aged steak has a richer and more robust beef flavor and can acquire a unique earthiness and nuttiness that cannot be found elsewhere. Each bite is packed with an intense umami and the superior tenderness provides for an unforgettable mouthfeel. With so many wonderful qualities, it is not surprising that dry-aged beef is often considered the “King of steaks” in the gastronomic world and is recommended to anyone who enjoys good food.